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"For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision nor uncircumcision has any value. The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love" (Galatians 5:6.)

Christians have no religious requirement for circumcision, and indeed, most Christians worldwide do not circumcise.

Circumcision and the Christian Parent
by Rosemary Romberg

The Holy Bible, Circumcision, False Prophets, and Christian Parents
by George Hill - relevant New Testament passages

Catholic Teachings on Circumcision
a tri-fold brochure for all Christians by Catholics Against Circumcision

Cultural and Religious Issues
by the Circumcision Information and Resource Pages

Circumcision Information Resource Pages
information about all aspects of circumcision, including anatomy and functions of the foreskin

The Bible Gateway
an online Bible site that allows you to look up any passage in a wide variety of translations

Excerpt from "Circumcision and the Christian Parent"

"If you are familiar with the current arguments opposing routine infant circumcision, you are already aware that babies experience a severe amount of pain when circumcised, the foreskin serves a protective and useful purpose as it covers the more delicate glans, cleanliness of the intact penis is an extremely simple matter, some babies experience serious complications of the operation, any diseases that circumcision has been purported to "prevent" (such as penile cancer) can easily be prevented by non-surgical means, and that babies are human beings with inalienable rights including freedom from unnecessary pain and body alteration.

However, some Christian parents, even after hearing and taking this information to heart, may still retain a feeling that circumcision must be a good thing to do simply because of its association with the Bible. Somehow for many people (at least in North America) the word 'circumcised' sounds good. Therefore, many facts, as directly concern Christians, must be examined more closely."

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The Acts 15 website is produced by an informal network of Christians from all sides of the church. Our denominations, stories, and theological details vary widely, but our common concern is informing Christian parents about the realities of the circumcision decision. We include lay people and clergy; male and female; Catholic & Protestant; Orthodox, fundamentalist, evangelical, and liberal; American, Canadian, and more!

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